Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

What do you want – a world full of fear or a world full of hope?

The New Year had barely begun, it pretty badly got us.
We hear from assaults onto women in crowds on New Year’s Eve and elsewhen, of new attempts, of the evil Arab man.
But what we hear are at first rumours, and even here it goes how it simply goes with rumours: The first tells it to a second one, the second one to a third one and so on and so forth. The story becomes bigger and bigger, gets more and more details. One becomes ten, ten become a hundred, and a hundred becomes a thousand.
And it is as it is with all rumours: They contain a true core, but a lot is trumped up to it, too. Sometimes the true content lies at 50%, but sometimes even at 1%. And the more people circulate the rumours the lower becomes the true content.

I am startled how often I read in the last days and weeks in the Social (and also Print) Media half or not at all true things, and as a reaction to it more or less obvious right-winged slogans which were shared even by people I had never thought they would.
I perceived panic.
Panic of the evil strangers, of the absence politics, of the incapable police.
Panic of life becoming different – worse.

But just be really truthful about it: If you leave the media aside – how much of these horror stories did you perceive directly in your personal surrounding?
Don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to play down that bad things happen, and I don’t want us to look away if something happens. But I want us to look what indeed is there and to look realistically unto the world and not let us be led by prejudices and panic.
This media spread panic somewhen was so severe that Ernst Michalek on 12th January posted on Twitter: „Did you ask yourself during the history lessons how in the 1930ies so much hate could be spread in so a short time? Now you can watch it live.”

Do we want a life in fear and panic?
No. I for myself don’t.
Do you want to be reigned by your fear or by your brain?

There is nobody to come at once round the corner and saying to us: “Everything will fall into place. Go soothed to sleep, tomorrow everything is healed.”
But we can do something for the things to get better.

How about these resolutions for the upcoming year:
At first, read the complete article and not only the headline before sharing it.
Inform yourself if the contents originate of a reliable source.
Keep clear of prejudices – the world is not only black and white.
Don’t spread panic.
Search for alternative sources.
Find little, exceptional projects.
Share your ideas and those of others to make this world a better place worth to live in it.
Sow little seeds to make the world more colourful and cheerful.
Spread hope.

No, we are not unconscious delivered to the troubles of our time.
We have the force.
We are the force.
We are the force that has a say in the future of our world, if it becomes more hopeful or more fearful, if it becomes better or worse.

It is your decision if your posts make this world better or worse – make use of it!

You’re welcome to share and reproduce this appeal.

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