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Memories to At-Ta'ir - Episode 5: Wonder of an Instant

At a stroke Said felt clumsy little child’s hands touching his ankles. He opened his eyes and looked downwards into the keen and inquisitive eyes of Elvedin’s child that now latched onto Said’s legs till he could stand. He must have crawled from inside the house to him.
He stroked over his head and while he felt the soft as silk hair under his fingers, he marvelled about how children succeeded again and again to fetch him back to the here and now.
The little one reached out his little arms to him and begged as long as Said lifted him up.
“Well, you little rascal”, he said. “Where did you escape from?”
But instead of an answer the little one nestled up to Said’s breast, so that Said couldn’t help, he had to embrace him with his arms. He deeply breathed in the smell of the child and groaned. The little one was really right. All the worrying about yesterday and tomorrow was pointless. He remembered him that he once learned in At-Ta’ir, too, that it was important to remember his roots, but to perceive in awareness the moment and being so able to do the next step.
As well as the little one would find his feet within a short time, so would he have to learn to live without the target he was aiming at – or he would have to learn to define it otherwise. He would have to learn to be a warrior of At-Ta’ir without being the bodyguard of somebody, because a warrior he was, with every fibre of his body and his soul – even if he had to learn how to be a warrior in spite of his physical restrictions.

“Here are you two!” a voice suddenly rumbled behind him.
Said turned round and saw Anwar standing in the well-lit house entrance, the arms akimbo and scowling.
“Yes, the little rascal found me and taught me the one or the other. I’m sorry that you were worried because of us.”
His apology immediately took the wind out of her sails and her facial features became softer.
In this very moment Elvedin emerged behind her, having put his arm around his wife.
“He taught you something?”
“Yes, he reminded me that life doesn’t take place in the past, but in the here and now and that we decide today how our life will proceed tomorrow. My decision is taken: I will go back to At-Ta’ir.”
Elvedin looked startled.
“But not immediately, or do you want to leave with approaching night?”
“No, no”, Said laughed. “Today I’ll stay with you. We have yet to drink a toast to this little rascal who will teach the world still a many good things.
But tomorrow, tomorrow I will leave.”

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