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Memories to At-Ta'ir - Episode 2: The Way of Meditation

The next morning Said has awakened early and stepped outside the house. He enjoyed the bright outlook and filled his lungs with the fresh morning air. Then he headed to the well in front of the house and sprayed a torrent of the icy cold water into his face. Immediately he felt a lot more awake and vital. A day really could begin like that!
Shortly afterwards Elvedin consorted with him, rolled up his sleeves, let run some water over his arms and combed with his wet hands through his short hair.
“The night has been short”, he said, “but with a torrent of cold water everything improves a lot. Come on, let us get our breakfast in the kitchen and sit into the morning sun!”
“Oh yes, that is a wonderful idea.”
Both of them vanished inside the house and returned soon afterwards with bread, goat’s cheese, olives and a pot of tea. Elvedin poured in a bowl of tea for both of them and noticed how Said at first hold his bowl silently in his hands before drinking of it.
“Did you pray?” Elvedin asked.
“If you’d call it so” Said answered. “If yes, than it has been a silent prayer to the creator, because in fact I am thankful: For being here together with you, and actually especially for this concrete bowl of tea. I am thankful for nourishing me and clearing my mind. And I am convinced that this bowl of tea becomes for me from a liquid of water and tea leaves to something special if I am thankful for it.”
“Those are really profound thoughts for a moment of silence.”
“In the moment of silence I have not a bit of such thoughts, only while thinking about it in retrospect. During the moment of silence I descend deep into my interior while looking upon the bowl of tea in my hands.”
“Aren’t these two things at odds with each other?”
Said laughed. “Elvedin, at the beginning of my training I thought the very same when Master Mahir introduced me into meditation. Initially, so much seemed incomprehensible for me and I had unending difficulties with embarking in going the way into my own depth. It took a while – perhaps it had to do with my meanwhile grown hair.”
“What should that have to do with your hair?“
“During our education we were not allowed to cut our hair. They said us our senses would broaden if our hair grows. In the beginning I held this for downright nonsense, but with time I began to perceive the effect.”
“Is it because of that you are wearing your hair longer than other men do?”
“Yes, albeit not any more as long as formerly. I appreciate to perceive more than usual, but you can perceive too much, too. Because of that I limit my perception with holding my hair on a certain length and wear it usually tied together.”
“That sounds somehow weird, but you really seem to be positive about it. How has this changed your experience of meditation?”
“At first I realised that it became easier for me to get into contemplation and I haven’t been distracted so easily.”
“Couldn’t it simply be that you had more practice with the time?”
“For sure that’s true, but there is a point on the hair length, too. Once in a combat I got my hair cut, and afterwards I felt like an absolute beginner while meditating.”
“And why do you meditate in general? Because you learned it in At-Ta’ir?”
“For sure it matters that it had been a part of the daily training there, and you don’t appreciate to give up beloved traditions. But it is important for me individually, too. Meditation helps me to find the way into my interior, to discover inner landscapes and as I was injured so hard in the previous year it helped me a lot to bear the pains.”
“How is that possible?”
“While meditating the outer appearances – and with them the pains, too – become lesser and lesser important and you concentrate instead onto a point deep in your interior and let develop its beauty.”
“My friend, I think you have to teach me yet the one or the other.”
“Yes, with pleasure, I’ll stay with you for a time. But not actually. Come on, let us clean the table, otherwise we’ll get nowhere today.”
“Oh, yes, the goats already wait to be let outside and that I neaten the stable. Do you accompagny me?”
“With pleasure. Formerly my mother had goats, too, I simply love those animals.“
“You absolutely have to tell me more about that…”

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