Freitag, 27. November 2015

Memories to At-Ta'ir - Prologue: The House on the Hill

Said strode, leaned unto his stick, on and on upwards the height, immediately he succeeded in doing so. He stood still and let curve his eyes over the valley and the circumjacent mountains.
How far he had gone during the last year! He could remember well how he left Alban Eilir in the previous year while being barely able to walk, at least not without his stick. It still was a big help for him, but he was now so much more light-footed, and he could now travel longer distances. He wandered through the whole valley, and he had seen many places. Now the time has come to have a rest for a while.
He broke his eyes free from the stunning view and turned around. At the edge of the woods there was the house of Elvedin and Anwar, the both of them had invited him to stay with them for a few days.
“Blessed be the way that led you here”, he said. “How glad I am to finally greet you here, my old friend.” 
“Elvedin”, Said countered, “what a joy to see you!”
The two men warmly caressed each other.
“How are you doing up here?”, Said asked. “And what about Anwar and your son?”
„Oh, you can ask her on your own, she is just arriving.”
In that very moment Anwar stepped out of the house, the child in her arms. 
“Welcome home, Said! Come in, inside at the fireplace it is nice and warm and there is a cauldron of ready to eat soup, too.”
She hadn’t to say this twice to the men and they followed her inside the house. 

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