Montag, 20. April 2015

The Soul

The Great God separated a soul from His own essence and fashioned beauty within her.
He gave her the mildness of the evening breezes, the fragrance of wildflowers, the gentleness of moonlight.
He gave her a cup of happiness and said, ‘Drink of it only if you forget the past and are heedless of the future.’
He gave her a cup of sorrow and said, ‘Drink of it and apprehend the essence of life’s joy.’
He scattered within her a love that will desert her at the first sigh of fulfilment and a sweetness that will desert her at the first word of pride.
From heaven He sent down knowledge upon her to guide her on the paths of truth.
Deep within her He placed discernment to see what cannot be seen.
In her He created a yearning that flows with dreams and runs with spirits.
He clothed her with a robe of longing, woven by angels from rainbow threads.
Then He placed within her the darkness of bewilderment – the image of the light.
Then the Great God took fire from anger’s forge and a wind from the desert of ignorance, sand from the shores of the sea of arrogance and dust from the footprints of the ages.
With these he moulded man.
He gave him a blind power that blazes up in madness and is damped by lusts.
He placed life in him, which is the image of death.
The Great God smiled and wept, looked with love boundless and eternal, and wedded man and his soul.

(Khalil Gibran)

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