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The Journey of the Warrior Said - Episode 8: Being born and feeling secure in love

Said barely could follow Elvedin with his eyes, so fast has he vanished in the dark.
What was happening there in the back?
As Elvedin didn’t come back, Said headed off to look what was on there. He reached for his stick and made a move through the darkness. On the first part he was accompanied of the shine of the camp fire, then he was surrounded with darkness. Carefully he moved one foot forward, then the other one for not stumbling. As he reached the enlightened tent the exited clamour has vanished.
A woman with big dark eyes opened the tent for him and stepped outwards.
“Come in, Said!”
He stepped in and in the middle of the tent he saw, surrounded of packages, Elvedin together with a woman, he guessed that was Anwar.
“Said, look, my son just has been born.”
He pointed to the tiny bundle of life that carried Anwar in her arms.
“Isn’t it marvellous?”
Said couldn’t sing anything, so moved was he from this view. He saw the little hands, the little eyes, the lolling little being and the parents who looked wondering upon their son. From these three seemed to emanate a glance that enchanted everything around them.
He took a seat beneath Elvedin and contemplated silently the wonder of that night.
As he recollected his senses and arranged his thoughts, he asked:
“But why here? Why didn’t you stay with your heavily pregnant woman at home, but headed off for this troublesome journey?”
“Earlier I started to tell you the story of how impossible our relationship is for our families. We tried to obey to the wishes of our families but that didn’t work, the love between us was to strong to ignore it. Finally we married secretly because we thought that would put oil on troubled waters – but just the opposite was the case. For a time we could hide Anwar’s pregnancy, but as it became too obvious we had to flee – otherwise they had killed her and the child.”
“You cannot dictate to love where it has to fall”, Anwar’s bell-like voice sounded. “We tried to ignore it, because it brought us both into desperate straits. We tried to deny it, to set eyes upon other potential partners – it didn’t work. The bonding between us is as strong as we would know each other since the year dot, and it became stronger and stronger. You cannot dictate to love where it has to go. Love simply is. And love stays.”
„That is a wonderous story that you tell here“, Said said. “I understand well that there are forces that are strong enough to bind men to each other or to a certain path.”
Anwar nodded. “Unquestionably they exist. I’d even go so far as to say that every man somehow in life meets his great love, be it the love to a certain human, a certain activity or to a certain place. And in this love we gain access to the divine primal ground of life that shines through everything – it lacks us only sometimes the sensitivity to perceive it.”
After everything has been said, they fell into silence. And while Said regarded the pair with the child, that fell peacefully asleep, he thought to himself: “The whole world in a tent: All the drama, all the catastrophes, the despair – but even all the love, the hope, the flourishing life. “ With these thoughts he fell asleep.

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