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The Journey of the Warrior Said - Episode 6: Shadows of the Past

„But why are you no longer at the side of Fouad if your connection is so unique?” He was ripped by Elvedin’s voice out of his thoughts.
„Our connection never broke off, that is not the point. One day we got into an ambush, which was really a bad thing, an intrigue. We put up a good fight and could escape our chasers at first. We ran through the woods every which way through the undergrowth, but our chasers were in advantage because they were better versed there. Eventually they had traced us and came dangerously near. They shot arrows, and one of them had caught Fouad within a hair’s breadth, if I hadn’t absorbed it with my foot. However it didn’t rebound of my foot, but it pierced it and nailed my foot down to the ground. I couldn’t get any place. I made the decision to keep the arrow out of Fouad’s hair and to save his life with that. Now I had to make another decision: If I didn’t do anything or fought from where I stood that would surely cost our lives, our chasers were already quite near – if I indeed survived this assault I could save this way perhaps my foot and my manpower. But if I extricated the arrow by force I could perhaps save my life, but would probably stay for the rest of my life a cripple. I decided to do the latter.”
“For heaven’s sake! You must have had blinding agony!”
“Yes, that’s true. But even for that we have been trained in At-Ta’ir: To concentrate to the essential. And that means sometimes to abide pain, or like in that case huge pain. After I had extricated the arrow, I garnered again my senses and concentrated on bringing Fouad out of the danger zone. Fortune favoured us, because after a short part of the way we stumbled into a well camouflaged cave – our chasers seemed not to know it and so we could hide there till the palace guard came to our reinforcement. As the men came by and I could cede the sole responsibility for Fouad’s safety I collapsed – I don’t know anymore how I came into our camp, they must have carried me.”
“Said, you are a brave man.”
“Brave or undaunted by death? Since my decision had sweeping consequences: My foot was deeply damaged and healed only at a very slow pace, you see, even now without my stick I barely can go three steps. That means, too, that I can no longer fulfil my assignment as Fouad’s bodyguard and I was released by Nabil from my oath.”
“Would you decide this way for a second time?”
“Yes, I would.”

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