Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

The Journey of the Warrior Said - Episode 3: Rest on the way

Said has been astir for the whole day. After he braced himself in the morning he felt so refreshed that he wandered the whole day long and rested only seldom for a short time. Now it began to dawn and he guessed it was time to look for a resting place for the night.
Them he saw from afar under a few trees at the river a light glow – that looked like a bonfire.
He quickened the pace, now he really wished for a break and he looked forward to bask at the fire. As he approached he saw that quite different figures were gathered around the fire that seemed to be a favoured resting place. Right next to the fire sat two men with green cloaks, silent like two old shepherds. As he asked if he may sit next to them he got only a mute nodding as an answer. He took a seat on a stone next to the two of them and stretched his weary legs out. That did him well! He felt how the fire warmed the bottoms of his feet up, and while he appreciated the soaring warmth he got a better look to his resting place: In the background he saw a tent, from there he heard low women’s voices and saw the glow of a lamp. A bit further there burned a second bonfire, besides romped about a group of young men.
Said turned his attention again to the fire in front of him and looked how the glow of the fires of the resting place was reflected in the water. At first he didn’t realise that someone has spoken to him, only as a fair head with a night blue cloak stepped into his field of vision and blocked his view of the river.
“Are you deaf?” He must have been one of the young men from the fire.
“No. I simply enjoyed the silence.”
“Then you picked with these two companions just the right ones”, he said and pointed at the two men in green who rolled themselves up into their cloaks and didn’t budge anymore.
“Don’t you want to come to our fire? It’s a bit funnier there.”
But Said was glad to sit and rejected.
“Then wait a minute, I won’t be a jiffy.”
While he vanished into the direction of the other fire, Said looked after him. He was so young, so bubbly, so unburdened – he mentioned him to somebody… and yet again was back.
“I’m sorry, I hadn’t introduced myself, I am Elvedin ibn Ehad. I brought you something of our nut cake, that will brace you.”
“I’m Said ibn Farrah. You want to give it for me as a present? Off-handedly?” Gifts without awaiting a reward were in this area really rare.
“I saw that you carry scarcely anything at your person, furthermore you look hungry. No, it’s not poisoned, look, I eat from it, too.”
He broke the piece in two parts and offered one of them to him. After a short hesitation Said grabbed it. Elvedin was right, he really could need a strengthening. And the cake was delicious!
„Each of us is here for a reason, nobody heads off for a journey in that times if he don’t has to”, Elvedin said. “If you absolutely want to give me something in return, tell me your story.”

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