Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Disappointment and betrayal

What would Judas tell us, if we would meet him today?
“I wanted to kick him in the pants”?
“I wanted to provoke him”?
“I was disappointed”?

Being deceived means that the deceit ends.
We visualise things, processes, people – that’s human.
But that’s only an image, not the original, and every human visualises in his own way.
When we match our images with the reality, we inevitably get deceived.
One time, two times, again and again.

Being deceived aches.
Being betrayed aches, too.

You may not be as you are.
I accept you only when…
Good meant presents: “You need that.”
Who don’t know that?
Even people who are near and dear to us hurt us because they want to make us similar to their image.
No spirit of mischief, “only well-meant” – but not our original, only their image of us.

That’s even betrayal.
Betrayal at our uniqueness.
Betrayal at our creatureliness as created being, similar to God, each one in his own way.
Finally: Betrayal at God and his works of creating.
Don’t we think God is capable of having created his creation good, the human – also every single one - even very good?
But to trust in his plan of creation means that we have to reconsider our attitudes, that we have to admit that many an inner image becomes deceived. That’s not easy.

Betrayal occurs often without thinking about the consequences.
Judas can no longer take a look in the mirror as he comprehends what he’s done.
Even our little everyday betrayals occur often without being aware of the consequences.
May God give that we are still able to look into our own faces.

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